We have finalised Phase 3 of our stakeholder engagement on the regulatory reset, known as Energised 2021-2025

In September 2018 we conducted our final step in Phase 3 of our stakeholder engagement on the regulatory reset, known as Energised 2021-2025. Phase 3 included substantive engagement across a variety of customers and stakeholders, namely:

  • network wide surveys of residential and business customers
  • in-depth interviews with large commercial and industrial customers
  • workshops with community opinion leaders
  • deliberative forums with residential and small and medium business customers on what they value in their electricity supply
  • deliberative forums with residential and small  and medium business customers on their preferred investment options and tariffs.

You can read the summary of Phase 3 engagement for each network below:

CitiPower Phase 3 summary report

Powercor Phase 3 summary report

United Energy Phase 3 summary report

Victorian distributors are seeking feedback on network pricing through their Consultation Paper on Network Pricing Design

Over the past year Victorian distributors have been engaging with various stakeholders to gather feedback about pricing principles, the different pricing options available, complementary measures to support pricing, and any relevant issues that should be considered for the five year period up to 2025.

On 18 September 2018, the distributors published a Consultation on Network Tariffs and Pricing Design (below). You can provide feedback on the consultation paper here.

Future Network – Network Pricing Design – Consultation Paper 

Deliberative workshops with residential and small and medium enterprises June 2018

In June 2018 we held three deliberative forum with 200 residents and small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) across CitiPower, United Energy and Powercor. The forums gave participants an opportunity to think about the energy future they want, talk about their energy values and experiences (e.g. with connections, renewable energy, reliability, quality and safety) and discuss their preferences for the future.

To find out what we heard at the forums, read our report below:

Residential and small-medium business deliberative forums June 2018

Community opinion leaders forums May/June 2018

In May and June 2018 we held a number of forums with 25 community opinion leaders in Melbourne, Mildura and Geelong, representing the interests of local Councils, regional industries, universities and businesses allied to the energy sector. We sought feedback on wide-ranging topics including:

  • regional changes and trends impacting energy needs
  • current, planned and desired energy projects
  • key services and benefits we propose to deliver
  • the future role(s) of energy distributors

To find out what we heard at the forums, read our report below:

Summary report on engagement with community opinion leaders May/June 2018

Victorian Electricity Future Forum: Household Network Pricing, 18 April 2018

The Victorian electricity distributors – AusNet Services, CitiPower, Jemena, Powercor and United Energy, are pleased to present a report titled ‘Victorian Electricity Future Forum – Household Network Pricing Report.’ This report, independently prepared by Essential Media, summarises participant comments and key insights from a forum jointly hosted by the five businesses on 18 April 2018.

The April session was the second in a series of forums. These are part of the Victorian electricity distributors’ collaboration with important stakeholders to explore the future of household network pricing. The focus of these forums is to capture the views of stakeholders and customers on network pricing and to reflect these in future tariff reforms.

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of this important conversation. This engagement will also inform the Victorian electricity network businesses submission to the Australian Energy Regulator in July 2019.

Victorian Electricity Future Forum – Household Network Pricing – 18 April 2018


Let’s start talking electricity

On 22 November 2017 we held the Network Energy Future Forum with 33 stakeholders as part of Energised 2021-2015. We set out with two key objectives:

  1. To ensure stakeholders were informed about our customers’ views and values and to encourage feedback with this in mind; and
  2. To gather information that reflects our customer and stakeholders’ feedback, to input into our scenario modeling.

To find out what we heard at the forum, read our report below:

Network Energy Future Forum Consultation Report