Presentation of the draft proposals to CCC/EFCAP

14 November 2018

CitiPower | Powercor | United Energy

On 14 November 2018, we will present the CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy draft proposals to our Customer Consultative Committee (CCC) and our Energy Futures Customer Advisory Panel (EFCAP). The proposals will be published soon after that.

Investment Options Forum

30 August 2018

17:30 - 21:00

Glen Waverly

United Energy

Our Investment Options Forums with customers, small business and community leaders will help us understand what investment options customers prefer and why.

Energy Futures Customer Advisory Panel meeting

22 March 2018

10am – 1pm

Melbourne HQ

CitiPower | Powercor | United Energy

Every quarter the members of our Energy Futures Customer Advisory Panel come together to discuss the plans for the 2021-2025 regulatory reset. In the first quarter of next year, members will review the possible energy scenarios we've developed based on the Network Energy Futures Forum. They'll be asked to discuss the considerations and trade-offs of each scenario before we take it out to all of our customers.

Network Energy Futures Forum

19 January 2018 - 9 February 2018

Melbourne HQ

CitiPower | Powercor | United Energy

We'll release the outcomes of the Network Energy Futures Forum held on 22 November 2017.

This forum was the first in a two-year engagement that will ultimately lead to our regulatory proposals for 2021-2025. We  started the process early to ensure we can fully explore the scenarios that our network faces when it comes to our shared energy future.

The forum brought together about 30 industry and government stakeholders to explore customer insights that had been collected from residents and businesses. These insights were applied to assumptions that will underpin our network modelling.

The outputs will be a range of credible pathways for the future of energy in our networks to 2025.