Network Pricing

Victorian distributors are collaborating on network pricing in preparation for 2021 to 2026 pricing submissions in January 2020

The joint consultation being run by AusNet Services, CitiPower, Jemena, Powercor and United Energy, commenced in November 2017 and has examined network pricing options for Victorian households. This includes seeking feedback on pricing principles, pricing structures, and transition and communication strategies.

Representatives from consumer groups, retailers, state and federal governments, regulators, industry groups and associations, have ensured that diverse perspectives are reflected in how we best deliver network pricing structures in the long-term interests of Victorian households.

The feedback we’ve received is important to how we propose and implement pricing structures from 2021-2026, informing our submissions to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) that are currently due in January 2020.

Next steps

In our most recent forum we proposed a new residential time of use tariff. The feedback we received was generally supportive, however there is more work to be done to understand customer impacts, particularly for our most vulnerable customers. Over the next few months, we will be exploring how we can reflect feedback from our engagement into our final submissions to the AER.

What we’ve heard from customers and stakeholders

We’ve recorded the outcomes of our consultation through out the process to ensure our customers and stakeholders knew we were listening to feedback and to show them how it was being used. Our forum reports and summaries are below.

Forum 3: Pricing and Transition Proposal

  • Consultation report from the third forum held in March 2019 can be downloaded here
  • Consultation paper supporting the third forum held in March 2019 can be downloaded here

Forum 2: Pricing Design

  • Consultation report from the second forum held in April 2018 can be downloaded here
  • View a summary video of the second forum below

Forum 1: Pricing Principles

  • Consultation report from the first forum held in November 2017 can be downloaded here
  • View a summary video of the first forum here

Our current Tariff Structure Statements

Our 2017-2020 Tariff Structure Statements can be viewed as follows:

We then submit Annual Pricing Proposals each year that propose prices and quantity estimates to recover our total annual revenue allowance. Our proposals also set out proposed metering tariffs which cover the cost of the meter and meter data services.

Our Annual Pricing Proposals for 2019 have been approved by the Australian Energy Regulator and came into effect on 1 January 2019. The proposals can be viewed as follows:

We have already begun planning for the next Tariff Structure Statements for 2021-2025 which are due at the same time as our regulatory proposals in July 2019.