About Energised 2021–2026

Every five years our business submits a proposal for how we will charge for electricity based on our expected costs and the needs of our customers. Energised 2021–2026 is a statement of our approach to planning for this five year period.

We are committed to achieving the best long-term results for our customers and the network. We don’t want to just tick all the boxes, but strive for excellence in all we do, and to be diligent in keeping the needs and concerns of our customers at the heart of all our plans for the future.

Keep a look out for the ‘energised 2021–2026’ logo seen below. You will see it on all documents and resources relating to this upcoming regulatory reset period.

Shared energy future

We manage networks that supply diverse customers who use, store and generate electricity differently. Our role is to plan for a shared energy future that meets the needs of these customers and the communities they live in.

In planning for a shared energy future we need to take into consideration how Victorian households and businesses are changing the way they use energy to reduce costs, lower their carbon footprint and take advantage of new energy efficient products.

Customers will continue to have more choice as new and better products and services come into the market to help them generate and store their own electricity, find the best energy prices and improve their energy efficiency.

Looking at industry trends and consumer insights we can see changes in our energy future could include:

  • Customers reducing their electricity usage to manage the cost of their bills and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Improvements in building standards which reduce consumption of electricity through better insulation and energy-efficient design.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and high-efficiency lighting which are reducing commercial and domestic electricity use.
  • The growth of digital channels and platforms making it easier to choose, connect and swap between energy products and services.
  • The adoption of solar energy generation which increases the amount of electricity generation in our networks.
  • Increased adoption by business of embedded generation solutions to help meet their own electricity needs
  • Renewable energy and targets that could accelerate the uptake of new renewable generation and adoption of technologies.

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