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CitiPower and Powercor is the most efficient and one of the most reliable electricity distribution networks in Australia. We are responsible for maintaining distribution network safety and reliability, along with planning and designing network extensions and upgrades to meet our customers’ current and future electricity needs.

Our reliability performance has been achieved without compromising our record of being one of the most cost-effective distributors of the National Electricity Market (NEM). Our customers pay amongst the lowest distribution network charges in Australia.

Network charges cover the cost of transporting electricity from the generator through the transmission and distribution networks to 1.1 million customers’ homes or businesses. Metering charges cover the cost of the meter and meter data services. We pass the network and metering charges on to electricity retailers, who pass them on to our customers via electricity bills.

In general, the electricity bill our customers receive from their retailer does not distinguish between network charges, metering charges and other charges.

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