Energy Community Opinion Leaders

This month we’re kicking off a series of Community Opinion Leader Forums to help us better understand what matters most to our stakeholders.

These forums will be highly interactive and community leaders will have the opportunity to explore energy values and a preferred vision for energy in the region. We’ll explore what is happening in your community (e.g. urban development, social change, economic issues etc.) and impacting energy needs. We will also discuss local projects and issues that may impact our strategies and investment over the 2021-2025 period.

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Let’s start talking electricity

On 22 November 2017 we held the Network Energy Future Forum with 33 stakeholders as part of Energised 2021-2015. We set out with two key objectives:

  1. To ensure stakeholders were informed about our customers’ views and values and to encourage feedback with this in mind; and
  2. To gather information that reflects our customer and stakeholders’ feedback, to input into our scenario modeling.

To find out what we heard at the forum, read our Network Energy Future Forum Consultation Report